Ready To Make More Consistent Income As An Artist?

If you're ready to stop settling for unpredictable art sales, you're in the right place. My services for artists are based on a deep understanding of the art industry and the most up-to-date digital marketing practices for selling online.

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You're ready to make more sales FAST!


1/2 day intensive

A Detailed 12-month Business Plan

Mindset Coaching

Efficient Content Creation Systems

Defining Sales Gaps and How To Fill Them

Your quickest Path To Consistent Art Sales

A VIP Day with me is a half-day intensive meeting where we dig deep into the strengths and weaknesses of your art business with the goal of creating a business that generates the revenue that you want.

The process starts with a questionnaire that helps me get up close and personal to all the fine details of your business before the meeting.

During the meeting we dive into:

  • Your dreams and goals

  • An audit of your online presence including website, social, and email

  • Your sales gaps and how to fill them

  • Upcoming work + representation (if applicable)

  • A repeatable marketing framework you can use to sell your art

  • Your mindset and where it's holding you back

  • Work-smarter-not-harder content systems

Finally, I deliver a customized plan that makes the most sense for you and your art. Because...

your art isn't like anyone else's, neither is your art business.

Take back your creative time!

Marketing Sidekick

Done-For-You and DIY packages available

Social Media Strategy

Visual and Copy Strategy

Email Marketing Technique

Done-for-you Content

1:1 Support to Skyrocket your Visibility

It’s hard enough finding the time to create your art without having to wrestle with the amount of time it takes to promote it.

But what if you could…

Create more demand for your art with a proven marketing plan that you don’t have to think up yourself?

Get more time in your studio because your marketing is done for you?

Build ongoing personal relationships with your collectors that lead to potential repeat buys?

I offer two options with the marketing sidekick services.

Done-For-You Monthly Marketing Support which includes:

  • Content creation and social media management

  • Email marketing and list-building techniques

  • Specific promotional periods to skyrocket your sales

  • Monthly meeting to discuss goals

    - OR -

One-and-Done Instagram and Email Strategy Intensives that create more visibility for your art through:

  • Compelling content and engagement strategy

  • A plan for building relationships online that create trust + loyalty

  • A four-week content map that you can can rinse + repeat every month

  • An editable content calendar to keep you organized

  • Email list building techniques + REELS ideas (of course!)

And when the time comes and you’re ready to do a full-fledged release of a full body of work online, you’ll already have a flowy, engaging Instagram + email strategy in place that will put you in the best position to sell your art.

  • Here's some stuff

Hi, I'm Julie!

Email me at

I've been in the digital marketing space for 8 years.

My passion is to help you take more control of how your art is sold online so that you can put the highest percentage of the profits from your work in your pocket.

With a strategic mix of storytelling, visual strategy, and marketing best practices that I've learned over the last 8 years, I'm confident that I can help you build a thriving art business that generates more consistent revenue and gives you more time in your studio!

Sell online straight from your studio,

avoid third party commissions!

Collection Release


6-week marketing plan for your collection release

Audit of your website, social, and email strateegy

Done-for-you copy templates for your launch

Visual Strategy Recommendations

A proven marketing plan to launch your collection online

The collection release package is crafted for a 6-week promotional period of time designed to create more demand for your art online, build anticipation for your collection to go live, and have buyers ready and waiting to press “order now” on the very first day of the release. 

A proven marketing plan to launch your collection online is one of the most effective tools you can use to sell your art. It works because: 

  • You’re connecting them to your art little by little by taking them on a journey with you through your body of work. By release day, they’re invested. 

  • You’re creating a sense of exclusivity among your potential buyers with a “first dibs” scenario.

  • You’re creating a very specific buying time that prompts your people to take action.Here's some stuff

This package includes my step-by-step plan for launching online collections that resulted in $10-$20K in sales for my clients.

Susan Woodard Kelly

I love making art but don’t love promoting it.

Although I knew I wanted to create a new body of work, I had no idea how to offer it to my social media following. Julie helped me so much by encouraging my art making, asking me lots of questions and then creating a very organized plan to promote and communicate to my followers and execute a release.

I enjoyed the support and collaboration and feel strongly that I could not have pulled off releasing 25 paintings and selling 75% of them in 4 days without Julie."